MS - WORD 20 MCQs Set Part 1

MS-Word 20 MCQs With Answer

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Computer MCQs Set, Lok Sewa Aayog Computer operator, psc computer operator,
1. Typeface refers to
a) the density of the character
b) the design and appearance of the character
c) the height of the character
d) None of the above

2. The bold, underline and italic buttons on the formatting tool bar.
a) apply formats that emphasize text
b) are toggle switches that apply or remove formats
c) are turned on by default
d) A and B

3. Character spacing options are found in the
a) Auto text dialog box
b) Formatting tool bar
c) Auto correct dialog box
d) None of the above

4. In MS-Word to paste something from clipboard command is used
a) Ctrl + C
b) Ctrl + V
c) Ctrl + X
d) Ctrl +Y

5. In MS-Word command Ctrl + E is used to
a) Open the search bar
b) Start the find utility
c) Open the history bar
d) None of the these

6. You can move tab insertion point in a table
a) with UP and DOWn arrow keys
b) with the Shift + TAb keys
c) With TAB keys
d) all of the bove

7. To preserve  any changes to the document currently displayed on your screen , you should
a) Save the document frequently
b) Open a new document
c) Close the applciation
d) move the application to the new srceen

8. Which of the following is not paragraph formatting?
a) Margins
b) Indenting
c) Boldface
d) Alignment

9. In MS-Word command to cut something and place it on clipboard to paste it some where else is
a) Ctrl + C
b) Ctrl + X
c) CTrl + V
d) None ot the above

10. The default paper size and orientation is
a) A4
b) 9.5" x 12" portrait
c) 8.5" x 11" portrait
d) 11" x 18" portrait

11. You can copy character formats by
a) using the true type fonts
b) selecting the text  and pressing the delete keys
c) using the find command on the edit menu
d) using the format painter tool

12. Which of the following special character can be inserted in a file name
a) semicolon(;)
b) hyphen(-)
c) period(.)
d) all of the above

13. You can display the next page in print preview by
a) clicking the page forward button
b) clicking the preview page button
c) using the vertical scroll bar
d) clicking the next page button

14. Which of te following options is not an options in print dialog box?
a) print selecte page
b) print selected text
c) set the paper orientation
d) collate copies

15.In MS-Word when Ctrl + Shift is used with any arrow keys it a) highlight a block of text
b) deletes somethings
c) paste somethings
d) none of these

16. Which shortcut key is used to spell check in MS-Word?
a) F1
b) F2
c) F7
d) F9

17. Which of the following type of software is used for creating letters and papers?
a) Database
b) Word Processor
c) Spreadsheet
d) Operating system

18. The special characters word inserts into your document are called
a) removable characters
b) nonprinting characters
c) printing characters
d) absolute characters

19. In MS-Word command to move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word is
a) Ctrl + right arrow
b) Ctrl + left arrow
c) Ctrl + dwon arrow
d) None of these

20. What is the estension of files created in MS word 97 - 2003?
a) .dot
b) .doc
c) .dom
d) .txt

1. Ans:-  b) the design and appearance of the character
2. Ans:-  d) A and B
3. Ans:-  b) formatting tool box
4. Ans:-  b) Ctrl + V
5. Ans:-  d) none of these
6. Ans:-  d) all of the above
7. Ans:-  a) save the document frequently
8. Ans:-  c) Boldface
9. Ans:-  b) Ctrl + X
10. Ans:-  c) 8.5" x 11" portrait
11. Ans:-  d) using the format painter tool
12. Ans:-  d) all of the above
13. Ans:-  d) clicking the next button
14. Ans:-  c) set the paper oerientation
15. Ans:-  a) Highlight a block of text
16. Ans:-  c) F7
17. Ans:-  b) Word processor
18. Ans:-  c) nonprinting characters
19. Ans:-  b) Ctrl + left button
20. Ans:-  b) .doc

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