MS-WORD MCQs Set Part 3

MS-WORD MCQs Set Part 3

MS-WORD MCQs Set, Lok Sewa Aayog Computer Operator Preparation, MS Office MCQs, Mero Helps
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1. Which of the following is used for quick access commands and tools?
a) status bar
b) toolbar
c) menu bar
d) scroll bar

2. Which shortcut key is used for the font dialog box?
a) Ctrl + F
b) Ctrl + D
c) Ctrl + G
d) None of the above

3. Which view is used to see how text and graphics will appears on the printed form?
a) Normal
b) Print layout
c) Outline
d) Web layout

4. The Shortcut key for 'Superscript' is:
a) Ctrl + =
b) Ctrl + -
c) Ctrl + Shift + =
d) Ctrl + Shift + -

5. The ability to join a name and address with a new document is called:
a) document formatting
b) database management
c) mail merge
d) page setup

6. Which of the following tool is used to copy format?
a) Auto text
b) Format Painter
c) Font dialog box
d) none of the above

7. Which of the following is a word processing program?
a) Word Perfect
b) Word Pad
c) MS Word
d) All of the above

8. The best quickest method for copy operation is:
a) Copy and paste
b) Windows clipboard
c) Drag and drop
d) Auto text

9. What is gutter margin?
a) margin added to the right side
b) margin added to the left side
c) margin added to the binding side of the page
d) margin added to the bottom side of the page

10. Which of the following operation moves text from the clipboard?
a) copy
b) paste
c) drag and drop
d) cut

11. Portrait and Landscape are:
a) Page orientation
b) Page layout
c) Paper size
d) All of the above

12. Which of the following provides a list of synonyms?
a) Replace command
b) Find command
c) Thesaurus
d) Spelling and Grammar

13. What are inserted as cross-references in Word?
a) placeholders
b) bookmarks
c) objects
d) word fields

14. ___ option helps to reduce spelling errors in the document.
a) auto-format
b) autocorrect
c) smart tags
d) auto text

15. What is the use of Ctrl +N?
a) save document
b) open document
c) new document
d) close the document

16. Auto text and autocorrect are which of the followings tools?
a) styling
b) editing
c) designing
d) none of the above

17. Which of the following options helps to make multiple changes in a document at a time?
a) Find command
b) Replace command
c) Drag and drop
d) copy command

18. Which of the following option helps you to paste data more than one time?
a) Windows clipboard
b) Office clipboard
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

19. Which option is used to change margins?
a) formatting toolbar
b) page setup dialog box
c) standard toolbar
d) paragraph dialog box

20. Which command is used to establish a link between a source document and a destination document?
a) Tool, link, document
b) Tool, link
c) Edit, link
d) Edit, paste special

1. Ans: b) toolbar
2. Ans: b) Ctrl + D
3. Ans: b) print layout
4. Ans: c) Ctrl + Shift + =
5. Ans: c) mail merge
6. Ans: b) format painter
7. Ans: d) All of the above
8. Ans: c) Drag and drop
9. Ans: c) Margin added to the binding sides of the page
10. Ans: b) Paste
11. Ans: a) Page orientation
12. Ans: c) Thesaurus
13. Ans: d) Word fields
14. Ans: b) Autocorrect
15. Ans: c) New document
16. Ans: b) Editing
17. Ans: b) Replace command
18. Ans: c) Both a and b
19. Ans: b) Page setup dialog box
20. Ans: d) Edit, paste special

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