Computer Operator 2074

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Competitive written Examination
Computer Operator 2074

Computer Operator 2074, Lok Sewa computer operator 2074, psc computer operator 2074
1. To open Ms word 2007 application through Run command:
a) type word.exe in open text box and press enter
b) type msword.exe in open text box and press enter
c) type word2007.exe in open text box and press enter
d) type winword.exe in open text box and press enter

2. The use of Ruler displayed in Word processing application is to
a) see tab stops
b) move table borders
c) line up objects in the document
d) all of the above

3. In word, the mailing list is known as the
a) Data sheet
b) source
c) Data source
d) sheet

4. Key used for spell check in Ms word:
a) F1
b) F2
c) F7
d) F9

5. With Ms word's autocorrect entries, to display an indifference face, we neet to type:
a) :|
b) :)
c) :(
d) :\

6. Where can you change the vertial alignment?
a) formatting toolbar
b) paragraph dialog box
c) page setup dialog box
d) standard toolbar

7. What is the keyboard shortcut to find and replace a text in a word document?
a) Ctrl + F
b) Ctrl + H
c) Shift + F
d) Ctrl + Shift + H

8. What is the default extension of Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook?
a) .xls
b) .xlsx
c) xltx
d) .xml

9. What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected cells?
a) F11
b) F7
c) F5
d) F3

10. Gridlines
a) may be turned off for display but turned on for printing
b) may be turned on or off for printing
c) may be turned off for display and printing
d) all of the above

11. Which function will you use to enter current time in a worksheet cell?
a) =today()
b) =now()
c) =time()
d) =current()

12. to adjust the width of a column automatically in MS Excel:
a) Double click on the column name on column header
b) Double click on the column right border on column header
c) Double click on the cell pointer in worksheet
d) Double clikc on the column left border of column header

13. What is the quickest way to select entire worksheet?
a) Choose edit, select all from menu
b) Click on the first column, press Ctrl and then click on the last column
c) Click on the first column, press Shift and then click on the last column
d) Click on the rectangele box on the upper left corner whre column heading and row heading meet

14. Which one is not a function in MS Excel?
a) SUM
b) AVG
c) MAX
d) MIN

15. Which function display row data in a column or column data in row?
a) index
b) transpose
c) rows
d) hyperlink

16. The primary key in a database must be
a) Non null
b) Unique
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above

17. The clause in SQL that specifies that the query result should be sorted in assending or descending order base on the values of one or more column is
a) view
b) order by
c) group by
d) having

18. The feature that database allows to access only certain records in database is
a) forms
b) reports
c) queries
d) tables

19. Which data type is appropriate to store large text and number in MS Access?
a) varchar
b) text
c) memo
d) blob

20. Which of the following is not a database object in MS Access?
a) Table
b) Query
c) Report
d) Relationship

21. What is motion path?
a) a type fo animation entrance effect
b) a method of advancing slides
c) a method of moving items on a slide
d) all of the above

22. Presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly called
a) design plates
b) templates
c) placeholder
d) blueprints

23. To insert a new slide in the currnet presentation, press
a) Ctrl + X
b) Ctrl + O
c) Ctrl + M
d) Ctrl + F

24. Basic unit of computer worksheet in which text and numbers are entered is known as
a) row
b) column
c) cell
d) workbook

25. Which of the following is not true about find and replace in excel?
a) you can search for bold and replace with italics
b) you can decide whether to look for the whole word or not
c) you can search in formula too
d) you can search by rows or column or sheets

26. BIOS is used for
a) updating system infromation on network
b) loading operating system
c) it take inputs from keywords and other devices
d) it helps in routing

27. Te larger the number of pixel of a computer monitor, the higher is its
a) resolution
b) refresh rate
c) dot pitch
d) data transfer rate

28. A privat secured network that allows business to communcate with clients and vendors is known as
a) internet
b) intranet
c) extranet
d) none of the above

29. What is the full fomr of GUI in terms of compuers?
a) Graphical user instrument
b) Graphical unified interface
c) Graphical unified instrument
d) Graphical user interface

30. When ecomputer virus starts to impact data, it is known as
a) virus infection
b) data losing
c) virus spreading
d) shutting down

31. If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as
a) uniprocess
b) mulitprocessor
c) multithreaded
d) multiprogramming

32. Identify different types of computers which are base on working principle?
a) super, mainframe, mini and micro
b) analog, digiatl and hybrid
c) apple/macintosh, IBMPCs and IBM compatible
d) XT, AT and PS/2

33. Chief component of second generation of computer was:
a) integrated circuit
b) vacuum tubes
c) transistor
d) none of the above

34. Which of the following is not processing?
a) arranging
b) manipulating
c) calculating
d) gathering

35. Where is RAM located?
a) Expansion board
b) external drive
c) Motherboard
d) all of the above

36. Which of the following is a cache level?
a) L1
b) L2
c) L3
d) all of the above

37. Mention the volatile memory
a) ROM

38. Which of the following system tools is used to increas access speed by rearranging files stroed on a disk to occupy contiguous storage location?
a) scanddisk
b) disk defragments
c) drive space
d) format

39. What is the meaning of hibernate in Window?
a) shutdown the computer
b) Shutdown computer termination all running applications
c) shutdown computer without losing running applications
d) shutdown the operating system

40. Virtual memory is
a) an extremely large main memory
b) an illusion of extremely large main memory
c) an extremely large secondary memory
d) type of memory used in super computers

41. File with which extension is not executable?
a) .com
b) .sys
c) .bat
d) .exe

42. Command used to list only directories in MS-DOS is
a) DIR/S
b) LsD
c) CD
d) DIR/A:D

43. Which command is used to copy the hidden system file of DOS to another disk?
a) Copy
b) Diskcopy
c) Sys
d) Ren

44. What is the default save location for document file in windows 7?
a) desktop
b) recycle bin
c) my computer
d) my document

45. .... is a basic word processor that is included with almost all versions of Microsoft windows from windows 95 onwards
a) Notepad
b) Wordpad
c) Microsoft Write
d) Microsoft Word

46. Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves .... transmission
a) automatic
b) half-duplex
c) full-duplex
d) simplex

47. What is a Contral Panel?
a) It is a collection of applets that can be used to configure various aspects of the operating system
b) It is a component of Microsoft windows that provides the ability to view and change system settings
c) Is is a component of Microsoft Office that provides the ability to view and change system settings
d) Both A and B

48. In Microsoft Word, shortcut key Ctrl + W is used to
a) update the current web page
b) close the current window
c) open the print dialog box
d) none of the above

49. If you want of keep track of different editions of a document which features will you use?
a) Editions
b) Versions
c) Track change
d) all of the above

50. Shortcut key combination Ctrl + Shift + C is for
a) Copy text with format
b) Copy paragraph format
c) Copy text format
d) Copy format
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