Computer Operator 2073

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Competitive written Examination
Computer Operator 2073
Lok Sewa Aayog Computer Operator, psc computer operator, Mero Helps
Mero Helps

1. IBM 1401 was brought to prepare the census report of ...
a) 2018 BS
b) 2028 BS
c) 2038 BS
d) 2048 BS

2. Transistor is related to .... generation computer.
a) second
b) third
c) fourth
d) fifth

3. The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal's computer is an example of enforcement specially called
a) robotics
b) simulation
c) computer fore
d) animation

4. An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is:
a) CPU
b) Storage
c) memory
d) file

5. For reproducing sound, a CD (compact disk) audio player uses a ....
a) Quartz crystal
b) Titanimym needle
c) laser beam
d) Barium Titanium ceramic

6. Unicode standard is...
a) software
b) fondt
c) character encoding system
d) keyboard layout

7. A fault in a computer program which prevents it from working correctly is known as:
a) Boot
b) Biff
c) Bug
d) Strap

8. Program developed according to the requirement specific to an office is ...
a) Tailored software
b) Utility software
c) Packaged software
d) all of above

9. The difference between people with access to computers and the internet and those without these accesses is known as the ....
a) Digital divide
b) Web divide
c) Internet divide
d) E-literacy

10. Cache memory ...
a) Helps to store data in hard disk
b) Placed between main memory and microprocessor
c) Stores data permanently
d) Holds last time visited data only

11. Which one of the following printers is suitable for printing sprocket fed carbon copies?
a) laser
b) inkjet
c) dot matrix
d) drum

12. ... are set of rules and procedures to control the data transmission over the internet ....
a) IP address
b) protocol
c) domains
d) gateway

13. Which of the following is a file attribute?
a) Hidden
b) Read only
c) Archive
d) All of the above

14. ... are used to identify a user who returns to a website?
a) cookies
b) scripts
c) plug-ins
d) session

15. Window 7 supports which of the following file system?
c) FAT

16. Which among the following are the best tools for fixing errors in disk?

17. ... runs on computer hardware and serve as platform for other software to run on:
a) Operating system
b) Application software
c) System software
d) All of the above

18. The operating system creates ... from the physical computer
a) virtual space
b) virtual computers
c) virtual device
d) None of the above

19. The primary function of an operating system is:
a) To make the most efficient use of the computer hardware
b) To allow people to use the computer
c) To keep system programs employed
d) To make computers easier to use

20. Thesaurus tool in MS Word is used for:
a) spelling suggestions
b) grammar options
c) synonyms and antonyms word
d) All of the above

21. Which tab in the Font dialog box contains options to apply font effects?
a) Font tab
b) Character spacing
c) Text effect
d) Standard toolbar

22. Which of the following is not of the merge process?
a) sort the data source records
b) format the main document
c) edit the data source
d) Merge the two files to print or create a new document

23. Provides categorized option is:
a) Menu bar
b) Status bar
c) Toolbar
d) All of the above

24. A word processor would most likely be used to do:
a) keep an account of money spent
b) do a computer search in the media center
c) maintain an inventory
d) type a biography

25. If you need to change the typeface of a document, which may will you choose?
a) edit
b) format
c) view
d) tools

26. ... is a tool in word which apply same format to different character/paragraph
a) format repeater
b) format applier
c) format generator
d) format painter

27.... switch the page between portrait and landscape layout.
a) margins
b) size
c) columns
d) orientation

28. ... enables several people to work to create and update a document.
a) document sharing
b) document locking
c) document collaboration
d) document protection

29. When a hyperlink is created, word formates the web address as ....
a) italicized and colored red
b) italicized and colored blue
c) underlined and coloured red
d) underlined and coloured blue

30. Workbook is a collection of:
a) cells
b) worksheet
c) workspaces
d) projects

31. Shortcut key to bringing format cells dialog box is:
a) Ctrl +F
b) Ctrl + 1
c) Ctrl + E
d) Ctrl + D

32. The cell reference $A$5 is a ....
a) relative cell reference
b) absolute cell reference
c) mixed cell reference
d) none of the above

33. Function to get the Sum of the contents of the cells A1, A2, B1, B2 is ....
a) =sum(A1:B2)
b) =sum(A1+A2+B1+B2)
c) =total(A1..B2)
d) =sum(A1,B2)

34. To edit the contents of cell.
a) press F2
b) double click on the cell
c) click on the formula bar
d) all of the above

35. Graphical representation of worksheet data.
a) Pivot table
b) graph
c) goal seek
d) scenario

36. Filter option is used to :
a) arrange data in alphabetical order
b) arrange data in numeric order
c) arrange data in chronological order
d) extract the records that meet the given criteria

37. The formula =if(A1>B1, A1-B1, B1-A1) gives.
a) larger one from cell A1 & B1
b) positive difference of A1 & B1
c) contents of A1
d) contents of B1

38. How do you display updatable current date in MS Excel?
a) Date()
b) NOW()
c) TODAY()
d) Ctrl + ;

39. A function inside another function is called ...
a)n nNested function
b) sum function
c) round function
d) text function

40. What are the difference view to display a table?
a) Datasheet view
b) design view
c) pivot table and pivot chart view
d) all of the above

41. In a database table, the category of information is called ...
a) Tuple
b) Field
c) Record
d) All of the above

42. These keys uniquely identify each record.
a) primary key
b) unique key
c) key record
d) field name

43. .... enables you to view data from a table based on a specific criterion.
a) form
b) macro
c) query
d) report

44. A database language concerned with the definition of the whole database structure and schema is
a) DCL
b) DDL
c) DML
d) All of the above

45. In Microsoft PowerPoint in order to see all the slides on one screen you use.
a) view, slide
b) view, master
c) view, slider sorter
d) view, slide show

46. What are the three options available in insert>> Picture menu:
a) Clipart, pictures, shapes
b) clipart, from file, shapes
c) clipart, from the file, auto shapes
d) clipart, pictures, auto shapes

47. Which of the following font efect is not available in PowerPoint font dialog box?
a) underline
b) emboss
c) shadow
d) strikethrough

48. Full form of HTML is:
a) hypertext markup language
b) hotmail
c) hypertext mail language
d) all of the above

49. In HTML ... tag is used for linking an external document.
a) <scr>
b) <a>
c) <anchor>
d) <include>

50. To set the background color we use:
a) <body text="color">
b) <body="color">
c) <body bgcolor="color">
d) all of the above

1. Ans:- b)
2. Ans:- a)
3. Ans:- c)
4. Ans:- c)
5. Ans:- c)
6. Ans:- c)
7. Ans:- c)
8. Ans:- a)
9. Ans:- a)
10. Ans:- b)
11. Ans:- c)
12. Ans:- b)
13. Ans:- d)
14. Ans:- a)
15. Ans:- a)
16. Ans:- c)
17 Ans:- a)
18 Ans:- b)
19. Ans:- a)
20. Ans:- c)
21. Ans:- a)
22. Ans:- a)
23. Ans:- a)
24. Ans:- d)
25. Ans:- b)
26. Ans:- d)
27. Ans:- d)
28. Ans:- c)
29. Ans:- d)
30. Ans:- c)
31. Ans:- b)
32. Ans:- b)
33. Ans:- a)
34. Ans:- d)
35. Ans:- b)
36. Ans:- d)
37. Ans:- b)
38. Ans:- c)
39. Ans:- a)
40. Ans:- d)
41. Ans:- c)
42. Ans:- a)
43. Ans:- c)
44. Ans:- b)
45. Ans:- c)
46. Ans:- c)
47. Ans:- b)
48. Ans:- a)
49. Ans:- b)
50. Ans:- c)

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