Computer MCQs Set Part 3

Computer MCQs Set Part 3

Fundamental Of Computer 

1. Which of the following is not a type of ROM?
ii) Flash Memory
iii) Virtual Memory

2. Which is considered as the direct entry input device?
i) Optical scanner
ii) Mouse and Digitizer
iii) Light pen
iv) All of the above

3. Which is not a characteristic of computer?
i) Speed
ii) Accuracy
iii) Diligent
iv) Understanding

4. Which of the following is not a mass storage device?
ii) RAM
iii) Hard disk 
iv) Tape

5. In computer all calculations performed are made in ... unit
i) Control unit
ii) Memory
iii) Arithmetic and logical unit
iv) Register

6. Which will produce high graphic quality?
i) Laser
ii) Plotter
iii) Dot matrix
iv) Inkjet

7. How many types of different devices that supported by USB port?
i) 40 
ii) 65
iii) 100
iv) 127

8. Which one is the component of computer system?
i) Hardware
ii) Software
iii) Human ware
iv) All of the above

9. What is the name for parallel communication pathway that connects different hardware components physically into computer system?
i) Cable
ii) Bus
iii) Line
iv) Peripheral

10. Which electronic component was concerned for emerging the third generation computer?
i) Vacuum tubes 
ii) IC
iii) Transistors
iv) VLSI

11. Which of the following two computers have the same architecture?
i) IBM and Macintosh
ii) IBM and apple
iii) IBM and Apple/ Macintosh
iv) IBM and IBM compatible

12. The keys on the keyboard which may be programmed to do special takes are the:
i) Function keys
ii) Navigation keys
iii) Arrow keys
iv) Numeric keys

13. How can you protect your computer from sudden power failure?
i) Using stabilizer
ii) Using generator
iii) Using UPS
iv) Using Volt guard

14. Which is the latest operating system?
i) Windows XP
ii) Windows vista
iii) DOS
iv) Windows 98

15. The speed of CPU is measured in:
i) Mbps
ii) MHZ
iii) Microsecond
iv) Mbytes

16. To send and receive email your computer should have:
i) Sound card
ii) AGP card
iii) Modem
iv) All of the above

17. A dot matrix printer is ......
i) Input device
ii) Output device
iii) Cannot print alphabet
iv) Cannot print number

18. Program developed according to the requirement to an office is.....
i) Packaged software
ii) Tailored software
iii) Utility software
iv) all of the above

19. All peripheral devices connected to computer system are known as.....
i) Keyboard
ii) Hardware
iii) Software
iv) Application

20. Computer is a system having.......
i) Storage
ii) I/O devices
iii) CPU
iv) All of the above
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