Computer MCQs Set Part 2

Computer MCQs Set 2

Fundamental of Computer
Lok Sewa Computer Operator MCQs, fundamental of computer, computer operator preparation
1. Pentium means ....  of computer
i) ALU
ii) Microprocessor
iii) Monitor
iv) Memory

2. The scanner is the ..... device of computer system.
i) input
ii) output
iii) input output
iv) processing

3. Which device will process data?
i) RAM
ii) CPU
iii) Hard disk
iv) None

4. A single byte consists of ......
i) 4 bits
ii) 16 bits
iii) 8 bits
iv) 7 bits

5. Compiler and interpreter ae themselves....
i) Hardware
ii) Program
iii) Virus
iv) None of the above

6. A translator used in low level langauge is......
i) Compiler
ii) Interpreter
iii) Assembler
iv) All of the above

7. Which of the following is not an output device?
i) Speaker
ii) Monitor
iii) Digitizer
iv) Plotter

8. According to the working principal computer is didvided as....
i) Analog
ii) Digital
iii) Hybrid
iv) All of the above

9. The quality of printer depends upon
i) Technology
ii) Price
iii) Resolution
iv) All of the above

10. MO disk is....
i) Optical disk
ii) Magnetic disk
iii) Semiconductor dsik
iv) Based on optical and magnetic technology

11. The printing quality measures in resolution and resolution measures in....
i) DPI
ii) PPM
iii) Pixel
iv) RPI

12. Which of the following is soft copy output device?
i) Speaker
ii) Monitor
iii) Digitizer
iv) Plotter

13. The .... translates the source code into machine code.
i) Translator
ii) Assembler
iii) Compiler
iv) Interpreter

14. The writing method in CDROM is called.....
i) Copying
ii) Burning
iii) Embedding
iv) None of the above

15. The name of the chip will be applied for dynamic and high power computing based on very latest technology.
i) Microprocessor
ii) Biochip
iii) Robot chip
iv) Ultra chip

16. The output quality of the .... is better than other.
i) CRT monitor
ii) LCD monitor
iii) Laptop monitor
iv) None of the above

17. Which of the following is not a mass storage device?
ii) RAM
iii) hard disk
iv) Tape

18. The speed of laser printer is measured in ....
i) LPM
ii) CPS
iii) DPS
iv) PPM

19. Which is not a characteristic of computer?
i) Speed
ii) Accuracy
iii) Diligent
iv) Understanding

20. Which of the following memory has the shortest access time?
i) Cache memory
ii) Register
iii) Auxiliary RAM
iv) External Hard disk

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