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Very short Question answer

For Q.N. 1 (a, b)

1. What is computer? 

Ans:- Computer is an electronic machine which process data and produce output according to input given to it. Bank, School, Hospital, Airport, Shot etc are the some places where computers are being used.

2. Who is known as father of computer?

Ans:- Charles Babbage is known as father of computer.

3. Which network is known as network of network?

Ans:- Internet is known as network of network. 

4. In which generation does the present digital computer lie?

Ans:- The present digital computer lies in fourth generation.

5. Write down any two feature of computer.

Ans:- Speed and Accuracy are any two features of computer.

6. What was the first electromechanical computer?

Ans:- Mark-I was the first electromechanical computer.

7. What is the computer generation?

Ans:- Computers are divided according to main components used in them, working speed, size and technology used in manufacture which known as generation of computer.

8. When was Abacus developed?

Ans:- Abacus was developed 5000 years ago by Chinese people.

9. What is indentation?

Ans:- Making the first line of a paragraph shorter or longer than the other lines in the paragraph is called indentation.

10. How is ICT can used in education field?

Ans:- ICT can be used in education field to support, enhance and optimize the delivery of information.

11. Write any two features of computer.

Ans:- Diligence and Versatility are any two feature of computer.

12. What is page layout?

Ans:- Page layout is arrangement of text, images and other objects on a page.

For Q.N. (c, d, e)

1. Write any four ways to prevent computer from virus.

Ans:- Any four ways to prevent computer from virus are given as:i) Keep your computer up to date.ii) Use anti-virus program or software.iii) Avoid suspicious websites.iv) Always scan email.

2. Which software removes virus form computer?

Ans:- Antivirus software removes virus form computer.

3. What is the first page of website?

Ans:- Homepage is the first page of website.

4. What is ICT?

Ans:- ICT is an extensional term for information technology (IT) that provides access to information through telecommunication

5. What is computer virus? Name any three antivirus software.

Ans:- Computer virus is computer program which is developed with the intention to destroy or damage the computer system, programs, files and information.
Kasper-sky, Norton and Panda are any three name of antivirus software.

6. Write the types of computer virus.

Ans:- The types of computer virus are given as:

i) Time Bomb
ii) Trojan horse
iii) Worms
iv) Boot sector virus
v) File infector
vi) System infector
vii) Message carrying virus

7. When did Cyber Law in introduce in Nepal?

Ans:- Cyber Law introduced in Nepal in 2004 (2063), Electronic Transaction Act 2063.

8. What is hyperlink? Mention the importance of hyperlink in webpage.

Ans:- Hyperlink is a word, phrase or image that you can click onto jump to a new document or new section within current document. The importance of hyperlink in webpage are given as:
i) Hyperlink increase page viewers.
ii) It improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

9. What is topology? Give any two examples of topology.

Ans:- The arrangement of devices in a network is known as topology. Bus topology and Star topology are any two examples of topology.

10. What do you understand by canvas in Adobe Photoshop?

Ans:- Canvas is the area in which you will create and modify image.

11. Which network is known as network of network?

Ans:- Internet is known as network of network

12. Write the name of any two social network. 

Ans:- Facebook and Instagram are any two name of social network.

13. What is control panel? Write the function of it.

Ans:- Control panel is a component of Microsoft windows that provides the ability to view and change system settings. The function of control panel are given as:i) It provides control over options related to installed programs, language and hardware.ii) It helps to control user account and password.

14. What is HTML? Write any two singular html tags.

Ans:- HTML is the standard Markup Language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. <br> and <hr> are two singular html tags.

15. Mention the types of html tags.

Ans:- There are two types of html tags. They are 
1. Paired tags - <p> </p>, <i> </i>, <body> </body>, <div> </div> etc.
2. Unpaired tags - <br>, <hr> etc.

Q.N. 1 f

1. What is base in number system? What is base in following number system?

i) binary number system
ii) octal number system
iii) decimal number system

Ans:- The base or radix is the number of unique digits, to represent number in a positional number system
i) The base 2 is used in binary number system.
ii) The base 8 is used in octal number system.
iii) The base 10 is used in decimal number system.

2. What is the base for decimal number system?

Ans:-- The base 10 used for decimal number system.

3. Which digits are known as binary digits, octal digits and decimal digits?

Ans:- '0' or '1' are known as binary digits, '0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7' are known as octal digits and '0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9' are known as decimal digits.

4. What is computer memory?

Ans:- Computer memory is physical device that capable for storing information temporarily or permanently.

Q.N. 1 (g, h)

1. What is communication? List the name of communication media. 

Ans:- The act of transferring information from one place, person or group ot another is known as communication. Some example of communication media are given as:

i) Television ii) Radio iii) Internet iv) Mobile v) Newspaper

2. What is email? Why it is used?

Ans:- Email stands for electronic mail similar to a letter which sent via the Internet.
Email is used for contacting people all over the world for free, communicate with more than one at a time, document interaction etc.

3. Write down application of multimedia.

Ans:- Application of multimedia are given as:
i) Multimedia in Education
ii) Multimedia in Business
iii) Multimedia in Entertainment
iv) Multimedia in science and research
v) Multimedia in web.

4. What is photo editing?

Ans:- The process of making change in image or photo is known as photo editing. 

5. What is network topology?

Ans:- The arrangement of computer devices in a network is known as topology. 

6. What is the use of Lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop?

Ans:- Lasso tool is used to select freehand area.

7. Write the function fo <title> html tag.

Ans:- <title> html tag is used for giving or declaring the name or title of the document.

Q.N. 1 (i)
Full forms

1) NIC = Network Interface Card

2) BASIC = Beginner All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

3) TCP/IP = Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol

4) RAM = Random Access Memory

5) WAN = Wide Area Network

6) DBMS = Database Management System

7) CRT = Cathode Ray Tube

8) ROM = Read Only Memory

9) LAN = Local Area Network

10) GUI = Graphic User Interface

11) WWW = World Wide Web

12) CD-ROM = Compact Disk Read Only Memory

13) DVD = Digital Video Disk

14) BIOS = Basic Input Output System

15) EDSAC = Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer

16) URL = Uniform Resource Locator

17) ISP = Internet Service Provider

18) PDF = Portable Document Format

19) HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language

20) WIFI = Wireless Fidelity

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